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Apartment Primo
Apartment Terzo

Apartment Terzo

 This apartment is on the second floor. It has been totally renovated two years ago. It is 65 m2, to which come a balcony and a terrace of 10 m2.

The apartment has a small entry room, bathroom and a combined living room and kitchen with a loft.

From the living room/kitchen you enter the balcony, from which there is a fine view over the valley and towards the neighbouring village of Castelvittorio.

There are four sleeping possibilities – one double bed sofa placed in an angel of the living room and two on the loft.

The apartment has a gas stove with electric oven, refrigerator, pellet stove, dishwashing machine and a washing machine is shared with the apartment Primo.

There is a hairdryer, a cd-player, a dvd-player and television in the apartment.

The kitchen

The kitchen and the living room

The living room

The living room

The terrace

The living room

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