Apartments FOR RENT
Apartment Primo
Apartment Terzo

Apartments for rent

Two of the three apartments in the large village house are for rent: Primo and Terzo.

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Rental terms and conditions

A season - week 14 – 39 (2/4-1/10)
B season - week 1 – 13 (1/1-2/4)
B season - week 40 – 52 (1/10-31/12)

Apartment Primo A: 540 Euro B: 405 Euro
Apartment Terzo A: 605 Euro B: 470 Euro

Electricity: is included during the A season, during the B season you pay 20 cent per kW
Heating: When heating is necessary, you will use pellets for 2-4 Euro a day.

Cleaning after departure: 70 Euro

Sheets, dish towels and towels: 10 Euro per person

Arrival Saturday after 3 a.m., departure Saturday before 12 a.m. (if you do the cleaning), before 10 a.m. (if you want us to do the cleaning).


Further informations

Please contact us if you want to hear more about the apartments and the yearly expenses (electricity, gas, water, taxes and insurance). We can also tell you about the possible income, if you want to rent out to tourists.

I speak English, German, Danish and Swedish.

Claus Lei Hansen

0045 29 80 48 20



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